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Science and Technology Research Funding Programs at Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) PDF Print E-mail


The National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer (NCET2)

University Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP)


Science and Technology Funding Programs at
Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Thursday, December 6, 2012, 2:00-4:00pm ET (11:00 AM -1:00pm PT)


Mr. Robert Kehlet
Basic and Applied Sciences Department
R&D Directorate, DTRA

Moderated by:

Dr. Anthony Boccanfuso
Executive Director
The National Academies’ University Industry Demonstration Partnership


Slide presentation supplementary material

Service Call for DoD Degree-Granting Academic Institutions
Answers to Q&A of Dec 6 webinar

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Universities and companies are continually seeking new funding approaches to meet their R&D objectives Federal and state investments in research and development are an important part of this strategy, and the UIDP and NCET2 hold a series of regularly scheduled webinars that highlight specific agencies and their programs that support university and industry R&D efforts.


The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) safeguards the United States and its allies from weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosives (CBRNE)) by providing capabilities to reduce, eliminate and counter the threat and mitigate its effects.  The Research and Development Enterprise of DTRA fosters and enables farsighted, high payoff research focused on the unique challenges related to countering the effects of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by advancing the fundamental knowledge and understanding in the sciences, facilitating the transition of basic research to the applied research stakeholders, and complementing Agency applied research efforts with university research capabilities.   DTRA employs Broad Agency Announcements to invest in basic research and technology development efforts at universities and not-for-profit organizations, national labs and DoD labs, as well as with large and small businesses.  This webinar announces a recently released amendment to its Basic Research Broad Agency Announcement; the amendment is scheduled to be available on by December 3, 2012.  Learn more about DTRA at WWW.DTRA.MIL.

Topics Covered and What Webinar Attendees Can Expect to Gain from Participation:

  • Introduction into DTRA mission and its Research and Development goals and objectives
  • Review of this Basic Research BAA eligibility, timelines, award types and sizes
  • Review by the portfolio manager of each Basic Research topic advertised in the December 3, 2012 BAA
  • Question and Answer session on specific research topics and overall BAA eligibility, timelines, award structure.


Mr. Robert Kehlet
Basic and Applied Sciences Directorate
R&D Enterprise, DTRA

Mr. Robert Kehlet supports the Basic and Applied Sciences Directorate, Research and Development Enterprise, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Fort Belvoir, Virginia.  Mr. Kehlet and other research portfolio managers will brief the Broad Agency Announcement opportunities.


Dr. Anthony Boccanfuso
Executive Director
The National Academies’ University Industry Demonstration Partnership

Dr. Anthony Boccanfuso has served as the National Academies University Industry Demonstration Partnership’s Executive Director since 2007. Tony is a leading expert on high value, high return university-industry partnerships who works with other thought leaders from the academic and corporate communities to advance these collaborations and promote the Nation’s economic competitiveness. In his current role, he spearheads the development of a series of initiatives to catalyze partnerships and reduce barriers to University-Industry collaborations. In recognition of his experience and insights in this arena, Tony is regularly sought after as a speaker (both domestically and internationally) and has published several reference sources.   He also serves as a consultant for government agencies, non-profit organizations and private firms and is a board member for the MedStar Health Research Institute and the Ohio University Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research.  Tony holds a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of South Carolina and earned his B.S. in Political Science and Chemistry from Furman University.



WEBINAR DURATION: Each session is a 2-hour webinar with 90 minutes of presentation and 30 minutes of Q&A.

COST: Free, but registration required by clicking on the Register button above.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE?: This webinar is online. You need a computer with web access for the visual/audio. You may also dial-in using the audio-only telephone number. The call in details and instructions on how to join the webinar will be sent to you via email after you register. Once registered to the webinar you will receive a reminder email 24 hours before the start of the webinar with instructions on how to join.

QUESTIONS TO SPEAKERS: Q&A is conducted by a chat box to the speakers.

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE IN THE WEBINAR?: These webinars are open to anyone interested in how universities and industry can seek funding for their collective efforts . This can include university chief research officers, directors of economic development, corporate business development directors and academic liaisons, university professors and corporate researchers.

SLIDES AND VIDEO: The slide presentations and video recording will be available on this page. If you are unable to join the live webinar, you may view the recorded video that will be posted within 24 hours after the scheduled webinar ends.

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